Monday, September 17, 2012

My Flirty Layout

Happy Monday everyone!  I finally finished MY Flirty Workshop (see yesterday's post!) layout this morning and can share it with you.  I added my own touch to the layout by taking out the Fall Elements that was instructed to use and switched them with the pretty roses.  In the left lower hand can see that these pictures were taken in May of 2006.  Bryan and Hunter were 10 years old and at such a FUN age!!

I love to play with embellishing my Titles by hand inking.  This time I decided to add chocolate ink to the right hand sides of all the really makes them "POP".  Then I decided to search for my old Close To My Heart rub-on's and added the "Memories" on the side of the "Family" title's "F" and "friends forever" between the two kids.  I also used the rub-on's to add "Bryan & Hunter" on my Journal spot.
Hand-writing your journaling even on the most put-together page can really make your page.  It brings that "homemade" warm feel to your most precious memories.  It will draw the person looking at your album into the story.  We are so blessed that Bryan & Hunter have become the greatest friends.  I hope their closeness will last their lifetimes!  I welcome your comments and suggestions on my artwork!  Just go to the bottom and click on "comment".  You can also subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page.  Thank you for reading!

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